Installation of the glidein pool Collector

1. Description

The glidein pool Collector node will be the Condor Central Manager for the glidein pool, i.e. it  will run the Condor Collector and Negotiator daemons.
These daemons define the glidein pool; if this node dies, the pool dies with it.

2. Hardware requirements

This machine needs one or two fast CPUs (one for the Collector and one for the Negotiator) and a moderate amount of memory (1GB should be enough).
It must have reliable network connectivity and must be on the public internet, with no firewalls; all worker nodes will be continuously sending UDP packets to the Collector.
The machine must be very stable; if the Collector dies, the glidein pool dies with it (There are Condor techniques to minimize this damage, but you should still try to choose the stablest machine you can afford.)
The disk needed is just for Condor binaries and log files (5GB should be enough)

3. Needed software

Any Condor-supported OS.
The OSG client software.
The Condor distribution.

4. Installation instructions

The pool Collector an be installed either as root as a non privileged user. If you decide to use a non-privileged user, make sure that user has access to the needed GSI credentials. The whole process is managed by a install script described below.

Move into


and execute


You will be presented with this screen:

What do you want to install?
(May select several options at one, using a , separated list)
[1] glideinWMS Collector
[2] Glidein Factory
[3] GCB
[4] pool Collector
[5] Schedd node
[6] Condor for VO Frontend
[7] VO Frontend
[8] Components

Select 4.

Now follow the instructions and install all the software components.

Most of the questions should be fairly straightforward (see an example installation snapshot in collector_root_install_snapshot.txt).

4.1 Example config files

You can find the complete config files in

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