Installation of a scheduler node in the glideinWMS

1. Description

This node will be a Condor Submit node for the user jobs.
You can install many such nodes to improve scalability of your system.

2. Hardware requirements

This machine needs a reasonably recent CPUs and a large amount of memory (2+GB recommended, ~1.5MB per running job).
The amount of disk needed depends on the user jobs; Condor itself uses very little (5 GB should be enough)

3. Needed software

Any Condor-supported OS.
The OSG client software.
The Condor distribution.

4. Installation instructions

The scheduler node software should be installed as root. The whole process is managed by a install script described below.

Move into


and execute


You will be presented with this screen:

What do you want to install?
(May select several options at one, using a , separated list)
[1] glideinWMS Collector
[2] Glidein Factory
[3] GCB
[4] pool Collector
[5] Schedd node
[6] Condor for VO Frontend
[7] VO Frontend
[8] Components

Select 5.

Now follow the instructions and install all the software components.

Most of the questions should be fairly straightforward (see an example installation snapshot in schedd_root_install_snapshot.txt).

The configuration of the GSI security is not completely automatic. You will need to specify the DNs of the glidein pool collector, the VO frontend and the glidein proxy. See Configuring GSI security in Condor for more details.

You will also need to specify the GCB nodes.

4.1 Example config files

You can find example Condor config files in

5. Submitting user jobs

From the user point of view, this is just a regular Condor pool.

However, since the resources potentially come from all over the world, users need to create more complex Requirements, in order to prevent the jobs from landing on sites that cannot run their jobs.
Users will need to know which attributes the glideins publish and use them accordingly.

One useful attribute that all glideins publish is GLIDEIN_Site. If a user wants to restrict its job to a list of sites, he can do it be using:

+DESIRED_Sites = "Site1,Site4,Site7,Site22"
Requirements = stringListMember(GLIDEIN_Site,DESIRED_Sites)

Some glideins may also need to properly identify the final user, using GSI authentication. A user should thus add the following line:

x509userproxy = <path to X509 proxy>

to their Condor submission file.

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