Installation Guide


Installation Process

Installation of glideinWMS is a multi-step process:

  1. Components and Pre-requisites: Includes a consolidated table of requirements for each server.
  2. The glidein WMS Collector and collocated glidein Factory node
  3. The glidein pool Collector node
  4. One or more scheduler nodes for user submission
  5. The VO Frontend
The above process should suffice for typical installs. More information can be found below.

Additional Documents:

Possible Configurations

While the documents presented here assume you will install each component on a different machine, there is nothing preventing you from installing all of them on fewer machines, or even on one machine only (excluding GCB, but you should not use it anyhow). Several possible configurations are below.

Two Server configuration (recommended minimum):

Three Server configuration (recommended for 1000+ glideins)

One Server configuration (Use only for test installs)

glideinWMS support: