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The glidecondor_addDN script (found in the ./install directory of the glideinWMS tree) can help manage Condor mapfiles. The management of DNs and authorization to specific users can be confusing and this utility can help.

glidecondor_addDN [-daemon] /OU=YOUR/OU=DN/CN=HERE Mapped_to_User

This script will use the condor_config in your path (from "condor_config_val BIN") so make sure your path and config is pointing to the correct condor if you have multiple services installed on the same machine.

This script will modify the certs/condor_mapfile of your condor_mapfile in order to correctly add the DN to Condor's authorization scheme.

If -daemon is specified, then, in addition, this will modify the condor_config.local to include this DN as a daemon.

Other monitoring tools

The tools analyze_entries,analyze_queues, and analyze_frontends exist in the factory/tools directory. They can be used to monitor recent status of the factory, entries, and connected frontends. See Factory monitoring for more details.