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Glidein Frontend


There are several ways to monitor the Vo Frontend:

VO frontend entry Web monitoring

You can either monitor the frontend as a whole, or just a single entry point.

The frontend monitoring is located at a URL like the one below

Moreover, each frontend group has its own history on the Web.

Assuming you have a main group, it can be monitored at

VO frontend monitoring via WMS tools

You can get the equivalent of the Web page snaphot by using

cd glideinWMS/tools/
./ -pool

VO frontend group log files

The vo frontend writes two log files per entry point frontend_info.YYYYMMDD.log and frontend_err.YYYYMMDD.log.

Assuming you have a main group, the log files are in


All errors are reported in the frontend_err.YYYYMMDD.log. file, while frontend_info.YYYYMMDD.log contains entries about what the VO frontend is doing.

VO frontend ClassAds in the WMS Collector

The VO frontned also advertises summary information in the WMS collector.

Use condor_status:

condor_status -pool -any

and look for glideclient ads.

Pseudo Interactive Monitoring

The glideinWMS also provides pseudo interactive monitoring functionalities; a user can run short lived commands alongide any already running job in the queue.

To run a pseudo interactive command, move into


and run

./ jobid cmdline

There are also a set of useful often used commands that you may want to use:

  • jobid [subdir]
  • jobid fname
  • jobid
  • jobid [opts]