GlideinWMS The Glidein-based Workflow Management System

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Installation Process

Installation of glideinWMS is a multi-step process:

  1. Components and Pre-requisites and set up GSI certificates.
  2. The glidein WMS Collector and collocated glidein Factory node
  3. The glidein pool Collector node
  4. One or more scheduler nodes for user submission
  5. The Glidein Frontend
  6. Submitting a job

The above process should suffice for typical installs. For OSG sites connecting to the UCSD OSG factory, see the following section. More information can be found below.

Using the OSG Factory

Members of the Open Science Grid can use the OSG factory at UCSD. In this case, you should install only a partial sub-set of services (the factory will be provided for you. Follow these steps (in order):

  1. glidein pool Collector
  2. scheduler for user submissions
  3. Glidein Frontend

You will also need access to (at least) two proxies for the frontend and glideinsi, which will need to be sent to the factory operators. See OSG Glidein Factory for more details on how to use this setup.

Note that these components are installed by default if you install the GlideinWMS VO Frontend RPM. This RPM is maintained by the Open Science Grid and is located in the OSG repository. More information on how to install it can be found at the OSG VO Frontend RPM Installation Guide.

RPM based installer

The Open Science Grid (OSG) maintains two sets of RPMs to install the GlideinWMS VO Frontend and Factory. These RPMs install a default version of bundled condor with default options. This allows for a slightly easier installation but with the option to manually edit settings for more complicated configurations. Instructions can be found here:

Configuration based installer

Alternatively, you can use the Configuration based installer. This approach requires filling out a configuration file (ini file) with all the required fields up front. Once this is done, you can install each component using the tool and this ini file. It prevents the frustration of running the Q&A installer multiple times in case of errors.

Important Note: You can only use either the Q&A installer to install all components or the configuration based installer to install all components. You cannot mix installations by installing partially with the Q&A installer and partially with the configuration installer. Also, note that both installers assume you are performing a full installation of all components. For upgrades, see the upgrade guide or contact glidein support.

Additional Documents:

Possible Configurations

While the documents presented here assume you will install each component on a different machine, there is nothing preventing you from installing all of them on fewer machines, or even on one machine only (excluding GCB, but you should not use it anyhow). Note that only configurations with the WMS collector and factory on the same node are supported. Also note that worker nodes must be able to access the web server on the factory node in order to download neccessary files. It should be noted that it is possible to install the glideinWMS across administrative boundaries (i.e. you will only install part of the glideinWMS infrastructure). See the OSG section below for an example.

Several possible configurations are below:

Two Server configuration (recommended minimum):

Three Server configuration (recommended for 1000+ glideins)

One Server configuration (Use only for test installs)