GlideinWMS The Glidein-based Workflow Management System

User Pool

User Pool

1. Description

The User Pool will be the HTCondor Central Manager for the glidein pool, i.e. it will run the HTCondor Collector and Negotiator daemons. All glideins submitted by the Factories connected to this User Pool will report to it and be available to match with the jobs submitted to the Schedds (User submit nodes) connected to it. These daemons define the glidein pool; if this node dies, the pool dies with it.

2. Hardware requirements

CPUs Memory Disk
1 - 2 1+GB 5+GB

This machine needs one or two fast CPUs and a moderate amount of memory (1GB should be enough for most tasks; really big pools may need more).

It must have reliable network connectivity and must be on the public internet, with no firewalls; all worker nodes will be continuously sending UDP packets to the Collector.

The machine must be very stable; if the Collector dies, the glidein pool dies with it (There are HTCondor techniques to minimize this damage, but you should still try to choose the stablest machine you can afford.)

The disk needed is just for HTCondor binaries and log files (5GB should be enough)