GlideinWMS The Glidein-based Workflow Management System


Installation Overview

Read this first!

GlideinWMS RPMs are distributed via Open Science Grid (OSG) and documented in the following pages:

These RPMs install a default version of the system but with the option to manually edit settings for more complicated configurations. Check the Factory configuration and Frontend configuration for a more detailed reference about the configuration.

TAR Files distribution is no longer supported. So for installation instructions see the RPM documents listed above amd hosted by OSG.

Possible Configurations

The following are recommended configurations for installing GlideinWMS. If you are installing a Factory, note that only configurations with the WMS Pool and Factory on the same node are supported. Also note that worker nodes must be able to access the web server on the Factory and Frontend nodes in order to download necessary files.

It should be noted that it is possible to install the GlideinWMS across administrative boundaries (i.e. you will only install part of the GlideinWMS infrastructure). See the OSG section below for an example.

Several possible configurations are:

Two Server configuration (recommended minimum):

Three Server configuration (recommended for 1000+ glideins)

One Server configuration (Use only for test installs)

OSG Factory configuration

Members of the Open Science Grid can use the OSG Factory at UCSD or GOC. In this case, they need to install only the following services:

See OSG Glidein Factory for more details on how to use this setup to talk to the OSG Factory. You will also need a proxy for the Frontend to communicate and (at least) one proxy for the glideins for submission.

OSG provides also an RPM to install the Glidein Frontend, the User Pool and scheduler. See the OSG GlideinWMS VO Frontend RPM installation guide for the RPM installation and configuration to use the OSG Factory. Note that the RPM installation by default installs all three these components.

Additional Documents: