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The purpose of the glideinWMS is to provide a simple way to access the Grid resources. GlideinWMS is a Glidein Based WMS (Workload Management System) that works on top of Condor. For those familiar with the Condor system, it is used for scheduling and job control.

The glideinWMS is made of several services (In animation to the right, you can see this process with green circles representing jobs, black circles as glideins, gray as resources in Condor ).

  • Users submit jobs to the User Pool Condor schedd process.
  • The GlideinWMS Frontend polls the user pool to make sure that there are enough glideins (worker nodes) to satisfy user jobs. It submits requests to the glidein factory to submit glideins.
  • Alternatively, users can control their workflow with the CorralWMS frontend.
  • The glidein factory and WMS pool receives requests from the frontend(s) and submits a condor startd wrapper to entry points (grid sites).
  • The grid sites receive the jobs and starts a condor startd that joins the user pool. This shows up as a resource in the user pool.
Once setup, final users can submit regular Condor jobs to the local queue and the glidein factory will provide the computing resources behind the scenes. From the final user point of view, the Condor pool just magically grows and shrinks as needed. The user need not worry about grid entry points, managing queues, or provisioning worker nodes.

Current release

For release information, see the Download Page.

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