GlideinWMS The Glidein-based Workflow Management System


This page links to recipes for using JWT-derived token authentication.

Requirements for Token Authorization

Requirement Description
GWMS Factory Version >= 3.7.1 The Factory can be either a fresh install from yum/RPM or a yum upgrade, as long as it meets the version requirements.
GWMS Frontend Version >= 3.7.1 The Frontend, like the Factory, can be made to meet version requirements via either a fresh install or upgrade.
HTCondor Version >= 8.9.8 HTCondor that the Frontend uses must be a token supporting release. The HTCondor tarballs delivered by Factory entry points also need to be a token supporting release. It is not necessary to upgrade the main Factory HTCondor as long as the GlideinWMS version of the factory complies with the >= 3.7.1 requirement.

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