GlideinWMS The Glidein-based Workflow Management System


This page is out of date but may contain useful information. Please see JWT configuration for current JWT instructions.

This page links to recipes for using JWT-derived token authentication.

Requirements for Token Authorization

Requirement Description
GWMS Factory Version >= 3.7.3 The Factory can be either a fresh install from yum/RPM or a yum upgrade, as long as it meets the version requirements.
GWMS Frontend Version >= 3.7.3 The Frontend, like the Factory, can be made to meet version requirements via either a fresh install or upgrade.
HTCondor Version >= 8.9.11 HTCondor that the Frontend uses must be a token supporting release. The HTCondor tarballs delivered by Factory entry points also need to be a token supporting release. It is not necessary to upgrade the main Factory HTCondor as long as the GlideinWMS version of the factory complies with the >= 3.7.3 requirement.

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